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Small Manifestation, by Joana Amador and Mariana Lacerda, which was on display at MuBE, in São Paulo

Aesthetic moment and the ethical time of democratic reparation

From different historical occurrences and concepts of psychoanalysis, the author discusses the idea of ​​infinite mourning - common to cases of collective losses - and talks about the need for reparation

Watch the video about “Overflowing: transgressions of embroidery in art”, at Sesc Pinheiros

If during the Middle Ages "textile arts enjoyed an important place in the artistic pantheon", it was in the Renaissance that they came to be seen as inferior practices to other forms of expression -...
Nazareth Pacheco

Nazareth Pacheco: creation as a triumph of life

Exhibition "Records/Records", at the Kogan Amaro gallery, condenses the memory work done by the artist throughout her life

An autobiography by Nazareth Pacheco at Galeria Kogan Amaro

Artist presented in the exhibition "Registros/Records" her memory work made throughout her life
nazareth pacheco and marcia pastore

Marcia Pastore and Nazareth Pacheco are the new names of Emmathomas Galeria

Márcia Pastore and Nazareth Pacheco join the group of artists represented by Emmathomas Galeria. The choice of artists is in accordance with the gallery's proposal, which seeks to present to the public the diversity...