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José Cláudio, "Viva Zé Pereira", 1971

A tribute to José Claudio

Dozens of works by the painter, draughtsman, sculptor and essayist from Pernambuco were brought together under the curatorship of critic and art historian Aracy Amaral

Art market in 2021: far from the crisis

In the midst of an extremely troubled context with the pandemic, professionals in the Brazilian art market report a year of positive sales results, benefiting from both the expansion of the virtual and the recent resumption of the face-to-face.

What to visit in Rio de Janeiro during ArtRio week?

For the days of the fair, which opens on September 8, we have prepared an itinerary of visits to institutions and galleries with the main in-person exhibitions on display in the state capital; check out

The transient character of things

Active since the 1980s, Carlito Carvalhosa demonstrated a permanent desire to subtly transform our apprehension of what surrounds us; he artist passed early, at the age of 59, and leaves an important legacy of interventions in national and international institutions
Horizontal, color photo. Installation A SOMA DOS DIAS, by Carlito Carvalhosa, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2011

Carlito Carvalhosa: the transitory character of things

The premature death of Carlito Carvalhosa last May, at the age of 59, aroused a strong feeling of sadness and impotence, expressed forcefully on the social networks of admirers, artists, critics, collectors,...

Between face-to-face and digital, Frieze New York takes on a hybrid format in 2021

Galleries, institutions, artists, collectors and art lovers gather from May 5th to 11th, 2021 around Frieze New York. The fair is the first to take place in person...

A good year, at least for the art market

After the initial shock due to the pandemic, Brazilian galleries recover and present a positive result in the year they were forced to migrate to the virtual environment

Art in Brazil in times of coronavirus

In a recommended period of isolation, galleries and cultural institutions take initiatives so that art does not stop in the country
Sérgio Sister, Stretched

Sérgio Sister and his resistance weapons

The austere and rigorous works that Sister produces today maintain, from the paintings and drawings of his early period, the same force.
Sérgio Sister, Stretched

Sérgio Sister and his weapons of resistance

The austere and rigorous works that Sister produces today retain, from the paintings and drawings of her early period, the same strength