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In the foreground, wooden divisions on the wall have the writing "Entre Bordas", vertically. In the background, a woman looks at paintings from the exhibition "Between edges - sounds that escape" on the wall

“Entre Bordas – Sons que Escapam”, new in-person exhibition at Sesc Santo André

What are the sounds that escape the edges? It is from this question that Entre Bordas - Sons que Escapam, the new in-person exhibition of Sesc Santo André, starts. Curated by Paula Braga, the show...

Exhibition at Sesc reveals music in Jamaica as an element of social and cultural aggregation

Art as a strategy for the representation of culture itself and as a way to transform everyday life

Anri Sala and Garaicoa: music in a state of transience

The two artists, born in communist countries, dive into a twilight zone to emerge under a beam of light.

A historic interview with Tim Maia

Published for the first time in 2009, in Revista Brasileiros, the conversation reveals the strength of one of the greatest icons in the history of Brazilian music.
Singer-songwriter Taiguara

Taiguara, the threat of the return of censorship and the marks of time

Born in Uruguay, in Montevideo, during a series of presentations by his father, maestro Ubirajara Silva, in that country, the singer and composer Taiguara, who died in 1996, would have turned 72 this Monday (9). As revealed by Janes...
The singer and songwriter from Rio de Janeiro Marcos Valle.

Marcos Valle open for swing

In 1959, the release of the album Chega de Saudade, João Gilberto's luminary debut, was like a renaissance for Brazilian popular music. João's statutes, defended with the strength of his guitar, his singing...
Pianist, composer and arranger Eumir Deodato in a photo from the booklet of Deodato 2, the Brazilian artist's second album in the USA. Photo- Duane Michals : CTI Records

Prelude to the worldwide acclaim of composer and arranger Eumir Deodato

For those who are unaware of the importance of Eumir Deodato, a few facts: he had just turned 18 when a certain Antônio Carlos Jobim commissioned his services to orchestrate songs from a...
(Photo- Reproduction) Fela Kuti

Fela made in Brazil

From big beat to hip-hop; from hip-hop to soul-jazz and funk; from funk to African rhythms, with an obligatory passage through the impeccable work of Nigerian artist Fela Kuti: in short, the initial trajectory of...
I felt butterflies in my stomach because I was doing something I had never done before, and not because I was creating something different from what is done out there”, says Luiza. Photo- Bruno Moya Fenart: Disclosure

Force of nature

The songs come in an unusual format and are packaged as the soundtrack of a 24-minute medium-length film, directed by Camila Maluhy and Octávio Tavares.