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Bruna and Ricardo Pessôa de Queiroz

Without sugar, with art Without sugar, with culture Without sugar, with affection

In Pernambuco, just an hour and a half from Recife, along a surprisingly well paved road, visitors have access to Usina de Arte. Project designed in 2015, by Bruna and Ricardo Pessôa de...
Luz Station, headquarters of the Portuguese Language Museum. Photo: Joca Duarte / Publicity

Revamped, Language Museum is reborn in downtown São Paulo

About five years after the fire that hit its headquarters, at Estação da Luz, the institution reopens in 2021 with updates to its contents, but keeping as a basis the same curatorial project that made it recognized   
Portuguese Language Museum: Overview of the exhibition "Língua Solta", in the foreground "Olha minha lingua", by Alex dos Santos. Photo: Ciete Silverio / Publicity.

Words in the world of things 

First exhibition open at the Portuguese Language Museum, Língua Solta is curated by Moacir dos Anjos and Fabiana Moraes and brings contemporary art works into dialogue with objects, posters and other elements of everyday life.
Brennand Workshop. Photo: Fred Jordão / Publicity.

Oficina Brennand offers new cultural residencies

With two different proposals, one aimed at artists and the other at educators, the Recife museum's residency program is part of a larger program that celebrates its 50th anniversary.

National Museum Week seeks to reimagine the future of Brazilian institutions

With the theme "The future of museums: recovering and reimagining", the event brings extensive virtual programming, involving the entire country, and seeks to dialogue with technological advances to understand how they affect our way of being and being in the world.

MAM Rio announces Keyna Eleison and Pablo Lafuente as new artistic directors

The duo, who take office at the institution after a selection process with more than 100 candidacies, proposes a more organic, diverse museum focused on culture and education.


Rio de Janeiro Museum of Art is going through a critical moment, as are most Brazilian cultural institutions. Read comments by Paulo Herkenhoff about MAR and Katia de Marco about institutions such as Parque Lage and Museu do Amanhã

A universal museum in the age of globalization

The more than 7 stars that make up the Louvre Abu Dhabi dome are a modest amount compared to the figures surrounding the recently opened museum in the United Arab Emirates: more than 1 billion...