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Plant fossil donated to the National Museum. Photo: Handerson Oliveira

National Museum receives donation of more than a thousand fossils intermediated by the Inclusartiz Institute

The National Museum of Rio de Janeiro has just received an addition to its collection, almost six years after the fire that destroyed most of the 20 million items it housed. Per...
Kader Attia - irreparable repairs

Watch the video about the exhibition “Irreparáveis ​​Reparos – Kader Attia”, at Sesc Pompeia

The son of an Algerian father and a Berber mother, Kader Attia is one of the most recognized French artists of his generation. He grew up in Algeria and the suburbs of Paris and uses this experience of living...
Excerpt from the video "The Clopen Door", which composes the work "Open Night" by Thiago Rocha Pitta, exhibited at MAM Rio

Between real and metaphorical fires

The work “Open Night”, by Thiago Rocha Pitta, opens the Interventions Program at MAM Rio and honors the National Museum on the two-year anniversary of the fire that devastated Rio’s space