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Excerpt from the HQ "Contra Tempo – A Journey of Two Hundred Years", a work produced by Instituto Ciência na Rua. Credit: Reproduction

After the veto, Ipiranga claims that it awaits 'educational action' to launch a comic critical of Brazil...

"Contra Tempo" is already out in Rio and the digital version is available; children's work questions the crystallized vision of the Independence of Brazil and alludes to the country today, with references to torture, weapons propaganda and massive presence of neo-Pentecostal churches in the peripheries

history lab

In contrast to archaic visions of our past, the new Ipiranga Museum celebrates material culture, with a project that includes tactile resources and massive use of audiovisual By Maria HirSzman

Extremist Crusade: How Cultural Denialism Works in Museums

In actions by Ibram and Iphan, bolsonarismo invests against the most important Afro-religious collection in the country, under the custody of the Museum of the Republic, in Rio, and threatens to disrupt the entire National Museum System
View of the steps of the Paulista Museum of the University of São Paulo

Museu Paulista: a privileged place to rethink history

After extensive renovation, Museu Paulista, in Ipiranga, should reopen in 2022 with physical and conceptual adaptations, establishing new correlations between past and present that do not perpetuate stagnant visions and consolidated discourses of power.

Ephemeral Papers: Memories Not Discarded

Exhibition at Sesc Ipiranga dates back 100 years of printed materials that tell stories