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The collective Mahku, of the Huni Kuin people (Acre), exhibited at the exhibition Encontros Ameríndios

Indigenous perspectives point to another possible future

At a time when attacks on indigenous peoples in Brazil increase, museums and major art institutions in the country are turning to indigenous contemporary production in their programming.

Afro Museum presents great exhibition on indigenous art and culture

"Heritages of a deep Brazil" closes the museum's trilogy after exhibitions on African and Portuguese art  

João Câmara and the “true” Brazilian art

A visit to the artist's exhibition at the Afro Brasil Museum becomes important for all those who believe that politicized art should be more political than art.

Afro Museum opens exhibition dedicated to Bahia

“A Cidade da Bahia, das Baianas e dos Baianos Also” is curated by Emanoel Araújo and brings together works produced from the Baroque period to modernity

Brazil, a perverse and ambiguous country

Artist and director of the Afro Brasil Museum, Emanoel Araújo reflects on the difference between theoretical and academic analyzes of slavery and its real experience

Agenda: Check out the highlights from April 21 to 27

In a post-SP-Arte week, rare are the galleries that open exhibitions, but institutions such as Sesc and Museu Afro Brasil stand out, the latter opening five exhibitions at once. On the other hand, Galeria Nara Roesler opens an exhibition by Abraham Palatnik in Rio de Janeiro