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Malê resistance and Mangueira's samba

Muslim slaves literate in Arabic who led the uprising in Bahia in 1835 will be honored at Rio Carnival 2019

Women and the anti-fascist resistance

They went down in history with their heads held high. They took over factories, infirmaries and also went to the front
Maria Evelia Marmolejo

Radical women: Latin American art, 1960-1985

By Leonor Amarante and Patricia Rousseaux in an interview with Cecília Fajardo-Hill and Andrea Giunta What intransigence unites more than one hundred artists and activists in the Radical Women exhibition at Pinacoteca do Estado? The challenging effort of curators Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, a Venezuelan based in the...

To empower women (and black people)

We cannot expect the mere passage of time to promote real equality for our fellow countrymen.
fire light

Luz del Fuego and the “My body, my rules”

She was pure irreverence. Born 101 years ago and raised to reproduce the values ​​of the traditional family, Dora Vivacqua took other directions. It is not by chance that the “My body, my rules” campaign would fit...

Books by and about amazing women released in 2018

Maya Angelou's relationship with her mother, the trajectory of the artist Carla Chaim and the analyzes and proposals of the economist Laura Carvalho are some of them.

Insidious, gender inequality repeats itself in the art world

Despite being the majority in visual arts courses, women are underrepresented in most instances.

the poets of war

Repeating a common practice among Arab women over the years, refugees use poetry as a means of reporting their pain and desires.

The fear of walking on the streets

Unprecedented research shows that fear of going out for daily activities affects 83% of women

Pombagiras and the Crowd of Women

*By Maria Gabriela Saldanha On this March 8, with the conservative advance that spreads hatred towards minorities, answering for the intensification of the persecution of African matrix religions and for the extinction of rights conquered by...