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"The Raising of Lazarus" (1928), by Anita Malfatti. Courtesy: São Paulo Museum of Sacred Art

“I’m sorry, Anita dear”

In September 1928, back in São Paulo after five years in Paris, Anita Malfatti came across the city's cultural stagnation. Deceitful doldrums, so to speak, similar to that which also seemed to prevail there in...

Manuel Querino. Because Salvador is not Florence

In the April 1917 edition of Revista do Brasil, Monteiro Lobato begins his review of the book Artistas Baianos, written by the man who is still considered the first Afro-descendant Brazilian art historian,...
mountain man

Monteiro Lobato art critic. Again [or yet]

Tadeu Chiarelli discusses Lobato's art criticism from a broader context than the São Paulo scene of 1917, bringing other data to reflect on the writer's performance