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Works from "Projeto Expresso" exhibited at CASA Feminino Parada de Taipas

Projeto Expresso reaches its last week of visitation

Initiative promoted the contact of young people in compliance with socio-educational measures with art; works produced from their experiences can be seen at the CASA Feminino Parada de Taipas center until January 30th
Portraits of Benta Maria, Antonio Dutra and Manuel do Sacramento by Igi Ayedun. Photo: Courtesy Companhia das Letras and Pinacoteca de São Paulo

“Black Encyclopedia”: a book of many hands, minds and lives

Organized by Flávio dos Santos Gomes, Jaime Lauriano and Lilia Schwarcz, Enciclopédia Negra confronts the historiography that denies visibility to the contributions of black people; publication also unfolds in an exhibition at the Pinacoteca
Work by Heitor dos Prazeres, an important artist for Afro-Brazilian art studies

What do we talk about when we talk about Afro-Brazilian art?

If the history, memory, art and science of the excluded, the divergent and the peripheral are summoned to testify about the present moment, this denounces the emergence via insurgency of actors who demand protagonism, but also points to the exhaustion of a political model and economic, which in its throes threatens life on the planet

In “Cartografia do Olhar”, Ana Beatriz Almeida analyzes works of art from a...

Rosana Paulino, Juliana dos Santos, Moisés Patrício and Antônio Obá are subjects in classes taught by Ana Beatriz Almeida at SP-ArteVR; the project is presented in partnership by arte!brasileiros and by JK Iguatemi

White walls, black presence

Conceived by artists Moisés Patrício and Peter de Brito, the performance 'Black Presence' encourages black people to occupy art spaces

Art made by black people. You accept?

Conversation with Moisés Patrício about life as a black artist within the market and academia. In June, he participates in the exhibition Histórias Afro-Atlânticas

Are there reasons to celebrate the date that marks the abolition of slavery?

A ARTE!Brasileiros heard two black Brazilian artists about the meaning of the date in 1888 and today