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I Latin American Seminar: Reports, memory and reparation

Read the editorial of issue #63 of arte!brasileiros, by Patricia Rousseaux
View of the exhibition "Own Manufacturing - Lotus Lobo", at Sesc Pompeia. Photo: Everton Ballardin

Lotus Lobo wins individual exhibition at Sesc Pompeia

"How to reveal the many fabrications, experiments and inventions that Lotus Lobo undertaken from the 60s to the present day?" This question guides the artist's solo exhibition at Sesc Pompeia....
Memory Records in Tsunami, Photographs and Then

Memory of the last things and then

Book shows the efforts to preserve memory through photography after the Sendai Earthquake moved walls of water that bombed Japan's coast
Guy Brett at Sesc Pompeia, in São Paulo, a work designed by architect Lina Bo Bardi. Photo: Alexia Tala.

Guy Brett: an extraordinary “ordinary” life

About a month after the death of the British critic and curator Guy Brett, Chilean curator Alexia Tala writes about the personality and thought of one of the most important figures for the diffusion of Latin American art, especially Brazilian art, in European lands.
Detail of Tailings, by Marcelo Moscheta

The archeology of tailings

Walking through the Marcos Amaro Art Factory, it is possible to see the exhibition rooms, outdoor sculptures, diverse vegetation and many dry leaves lying on the ground. These last ones can go unnoticed to the eyes...
Vladimir Herzog

Life and work of Vladimir Herzog are honored

After two years of research and organization, a virtual platform created by the Vladimir Herzog Institute with the support of Itaú Cultural brings together more than a thousand items from Vlado's personal and professional life to celebrate the journalist
Memory Records in Tsunami, Photographs and Then

The Memory of Last Things and After

The efforts, shown in the book Tsunami, Photographs and Then, to preserve memory through photography after the Sendai Earthquake

Memory and Geopolitics in art

Chilean artist Voluspa Jarpa participated in the Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros and will be in the Chile Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

Archival research creates political narratives in contemporary art

Discover the work of Rafael Pagatini, an artist based in Espírito Santo, represented by OÁ Galeria (ES) and by Galeria Virgilio (SP)

To breathe freedom, 70 years of the declaration of human rights

Conceived by SESC_SP and the Vladimir Herzog Institute, the exhibition by the artist Otávio Roth (1952-1993) is a rain of resistance in the storm that devastates us