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PART TWO Because of the Mário de Andrade exhibition. Two Lives was conceived based on the works collected by the critic, when I went down to the MASP basement to visit it, I was eager to see some of them again...
View of the exhibition Francis Bacon: the beauty of meat


PART ONE A few days ago I visited two exhibitions at MASP: “Francis Bacon: the beauty of meat”, curated by Laura Consedey, and “Mário de Andrade. Two lives”, curated by Regina Teixeira de Barros. While...
An existential milestone

An existential milestone

Collective from seven countries shows the ancestral tradition reflected in the works of 170 artists from original peoples
Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe

cosmological synthesis

Through the repetition of elements he observes in the forest, the Yanomami artist Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe creates a delicate visual compendium of the daily life and imagination of his people

“Brazilian Stories” reveals 'colonial system' in the arts circuit

"Masp presents an exhibition that criticizes the lack of representation in the history of art, but its own centers of power are white and patriarchal; the institution still exhibits works by its president, ignoring the existence of a conflict of interests", writes Cypriano
Adriano Pedrosa at Masp

Adriano Pedrosa, from Masp, will be curator of the 2024 Venice Art Biennale

The Venice Biennale announced this Thursday (15th) that Adriano Pedrosa, artistic director of Masp, will be the curator of the visual arts section of the next edition of the show, which takes place in the Italian city of 20...

An extensive and critical show

In "Histórias Brasileiras", eight centers take the visitor behind the scenes of art and the decolonization movement, which is increasingly structured; with around 400 works, 250 artists and 11 curators, the show runs until October 30, 2022
Detail from "Maria Firmina dos Reis" (2022). Photo: Paulo Rezende/Masp.

MASP presents exhibitions by Joseca Yanomami and Dalton Paula

Openings take place on July 29 and are part of the museum’s biennial program dedicated to Brazilian Histories
Color image. Alessandra Munduruku, one of the main indigenous leaders in Brazil, during the II March of Indigenous Women: Reforestation, Bodies and Hearts for the healing of the earth. Brasília, 2021. Photo: Edgar Kanaykõ Xakriabá

The painful learning of museums

By reversing its censorship of MST works, Masp recognizes the crossroads of reality
The Museum of Art of São Paulo. Photo: Marcelo Valente.

Masp retreats and proposes to replace photos of Sem Terra on display

A previous measure by the institution had generated criticism and culminated in the resignation of Sandra Benites, the first indigenous professional in the curatorship of a Brazilian museum