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In 'Ianelli 100 years: the essential artist', MAM-SP rescues the research of lines, shapes...

MAM-SP presents Ianelli 100 years: the essential artist, an exhibition that opens its 2023 calendar, when it completes 75 years of activities, and rescues the painter's research of lines, shapes and color, which...

Social and environmental guidelines guide 37th Panorama

Entitled "Sob as Cinzas, Brasa", the MAM-SP exhibition brings together 26 artists, who translate themes such as resilience and rebirth into their works;
Artist members of the 37th Panorama of Brazilian Art at MAM SP. Photo: Disclosure.

Check the list of artists from the 37th edition of Panorama da Arte Brasileira at MAM...

"Under the ashes, ember" will take place from July 23, curated by Cauê Alves, Claudinei Roberto da Silva, Cristiana Tejo and Vanessa Davidson

Too bad Oswald wasn't born in Rio, right?

Interesting how, once again, the Brazilian belletrist tradition puts the visual arts and their circuit to the side, when it comes to reflecting on art and culture in the country. The most recently...

“Ausente Manifesto” opens Sesc Mogi das Cruzes exhibition program

A arte!brasileiros visited the exhibition, the result of the partnership between Sesc SP and MAM-SP, and interviewed the curators; Watch the video

Exhibition at MAM-SP explains the comprehensive and multifaceted character of national modern art

*By Maria Hirszman and Patricia Rousseaux Raised as the greatest symbol of modernity in the country, the Modern Art Week – held during the 1922 Carnival at the Teatro Municipal de São Paulo – was just the...

“Modern Where? Modern When?”: Aracy Amaral and Regina Teixeira de Barros talk about exhibition...

A arte!brasileiros visited the exhibition, on view until December 2021, and talked with the curators to understand more deeply the proposed concepts and reflections; Watch the video
john graz

Beyond the Week of 22

Expansion of the debate on Brazilian modernism guides exhibitions in large institutions, highlighting the role of decorative and applied arts and the production of names such as John Graz and the Gomide brothers

MAC USP and MAM-SP present joint exhibition “Zona da Mata”

The result of a partnership between the institutions, the exhibition sheds light on the latent problems of Brazil and the relationship between culture and nature
Horizontal photo, black and white. In the midst of the choreography, João Paulo Lima has both hands and the only knee on the floor, keeping his back aligned, on a plank over his knee. He's in profile. He uses a costume that refers to the practices of bondage and sadomasochism, with most of the skin exposed, semi-nude. This photo is a still of the show DEVOTEES, presented in the program Zona de Criação, from the Cultural Hub of Ceará PORTO DRAGÃO.

The [non] market of inclusion: ableism in the world of the arts

Artists reflect on the dilemmas of including people with disabilities (PWD) in the art world and talk about ableism and accessibility