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No, it's not photojournalism

From the publication of the photo of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, doctor, journalist and photography critic Simonetta Persichetti weaves a reflection on the image, photojournalism and its policies

On the President's good looks

Research pointed out that 27% of Bolsonaro voters would vote for him for his personal image; Tadeu Chiarelli writes on the subject

With images from 43 photographers, Lula Livre Auction takes place this Wednesday in São Paulo

With 50 photos of the former president at different times in his life, the event will raise money for actions to support Lula's release

A new tenentism?

The excessive protagonism of the Justice, the Public Ministry and the Federal Police owes its existence, most likely, to the ineptitude of the PT
renato janine

To be ashamed of your face, by Renato Janine Ribeiro

I am not questioning others, those who disagree with us. I'm saying that we ourselves, who consider ourselves progressive, whether in customs or politics, need to be ashamed of ourselves. Do two or three...

Economic power and corruption: after all, what is the Brazilian peculiarity?

Operation Lava Jato goes against the grain of governance and international jurisprudence and does Brazil a disservice by throwing water at the mill of those who only repeat monotonously like a chant

Boca Maldita, the stronghold of free manifestation in Curitiba

Space hosted the first major rally by Diretas Já, an essential movement for the end of the military dictatorship
Renato_Janine_Ribeiro_em_2015 - photo by Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil

Fighting corruption to the end

The PT left the space of ethics free for the preaching of the right. She ignored the misery and said that corruption in the country had never been so great. Lie? Yes, but took
photo by Sergio Andrade

“Brasilia has become a sewer”

Former São Paulo governor Cláudio Lembo criticizes the worn-out Legislature, the discredited Judiciary and the busy Executive after the impeachment, which he considers “a tragedy” for democracy. All mixed up in the federal capital: “It is the city of lobbying, political and economic prostitution”