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Maria Macedo, frame of the photoperformance "Dance for a blind future”, 2021.

Youth Art Show (MAJ) reaches its 30th edition with a record number...

Created in 1989, in Ribeirão Preto, the Youth Art Exhibition (MAJ) reaches its 30th edition and makes its first tour in the city of São Paulo, at Sesc Consolação. There were 402 registrations – number...
Carolina Maria de Jesus in 1960, in a photo for the magazine O Cruzeiro. Photos: Henri Ballot / O Cruzeiro Magazine

The words of Carolina de Jesus

Exhibition "Carolina Maria de Jesus: a Brazil for Brazilians" presents the possibilities of dialogue between literary art by black authors and exhibition spaces beyond a biographical perspective
A member of the Piscina platform, Juh Almeida exhibited the work A woman speaks at SP-Foto VR

Politicizing the art market: how new proposals have raised questions of...

*By Ana Letícia Fialho and Luciara Ribeiro The result of the last elections, both in Brazil and in the USA, was marked by presences that, in some way, point to an unfolding of the anti-racist acts that grew in the...
Aline Motta

Deconstructing white hegemony in Brazilian arts is an effective action for change

Despite the national production being diverse in languages ​​and authorship, we still maintain within it structures that naturalize the predominance of white authors and of European origin or descent.