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Marcel Giro

The aura, the reproducibility and the vintage

What would Walter Benjamin say if he reappeared here? How would you react to art and its reproducibility after, above all, the internet and smartphones?

Augusto de Campos opens a new exhibition and calls the current moment in Brazil...

Famous poet and visual artist opens an exhibition at the Luciana Brito gallery and says he has never seen "so much mediocrity together, so many ugly people, so much setback, not even in the military dictatorship"
Fernando Zarif

Individual at the Luciana Brito gallery presents different facets of Fernando Zarif

Dead prematurely at the age of 50, the artist moved naturally and irreverently through various artistic fields

Agenda: Check out the highlights of the week August 4-10

Sesc Pinheiros presents The Trans-Atlantic Other, Caixa Cultural de SP explores the senses in art and Valeska Soares has a 30-year retrospective at Pina Estação