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Work present in the exhibition "Quarto Ato - O quilombismo", at the Inhotim Institute. Photo: Ícaro Moreno

Inhotim inaugurates the last act in honor of Abdias Nascimento and installation by Luana Vitra

Based on dialogues initiated between the Inhotim Institute and Ipeafro in November 2020, the exhibition program entitled Abdias Nascimento and the Museu de...
"Lung of the mine", installation by Luana Vitra. Credit: Levi Fanan/Fundação Bienal de São Paulo

35th São Paulo Biennial: Luana Vitra

Iron is the backbone of Luana Vitra's research and magnetizes the installation she created especially for the 35th São Paulo Biennial. The element – ​​accompanied by other metals such as...

An ongoing triennial

In the midst of a pandemic and political crisis context, what are the curatorial and expository possibilities? This was one of the questions that guided months of work on The river is a snake, third...