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The greatest performance in Brazilian history

In the second round of elections, people left home to vote with a book in hand

Review: How to approach chaos

Collection book “Strategies of Art in an Age of Catastrophes”, by Maria Angélica Melendi, brings together artistic strategies from the last 50 years

2 books to read now

Check out two books to read now, selected by ARTE!Brasileiros for the "Unmissable" Series. Books to read now By Tatiana Marotta Clarice Lispector -All Tales Organized by Benjamin Moser, Rocco, 654 pages For the first time, all tales from...

Much more than “beauty”

Book by Rogério Assis and Ciro Girard, released in April 2018, awakens increasingly necessary reflections on the world we inhabit
The artist from Rio de Janeiro discusses the poetics of space on the images triggered from different spaces. PHOTO: Disclosure

X-Range, a poem about space

Reprint of a book by Regina Vater, published in 1977 in New York. The artist delves into the private space of Hélio Oiticica, John Cage, Lygia Clark and Vito Acconci