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Unesp Book Fair: tips on what to enjoy

The publishers Autêntica, Cobogó and Ubu list which books are great opportunities to take advantage of at the Unesp Book Fair

Mapping the roles of subversion

In a curious paradox, the police files gathered by the State Department of the Political and Social Order of São Paulo (Deops) with the aim of repressing and persecuting any person, movement or party that...

Hal Foster: Everything is Fight

In the book “What comes after the farce?”, Hal Foster analyzes the effects of Trumpism on the North American arts scene and points out forms of resistance
Miriam Inez da Silva. Title unknown, 1992. Courtesy Almeida and Dale Art Gallery.

Almeida e Dale Galeria launches a book about the artist Miriam Inêz da Silva

Publication brings together more than 200 works by the artist from Goiás and plans to demonstrate the complexity and dimension of her work
Cover of the book "20 in 2020, Artists of the next decade: Latin America". The book has a black cover. At the top of it, you can read "the artists of the next decade" in capital letters, in small, pink font. In the center of the cover, we see a large "20", written on the side, in pink; followed by "in" and the top of another "20" written in the same way. The book is standing on a pink background, in the same tone as the letters on the cover.

Book presents a promising spectrum of visual arts through the selection of 20 artists

Bringing together analyzes from 14 critics and curators of different nationalities, 20 in 2020, the artists of the next decade: Latin America seeks to answer who will define the artistic and cultural horizon in this new decade. With...
Psychiatrist, writer and anti-colonial activist Frantz Fanon

Frantz Fanon, the force of language

*By Eugênio Lima Reembarking in this Fanon world was very intense. I remembered things I had forgotten and little by little I was rebuilding everything, from my first reading, in 2014, until today. The first time...
Detail of the cover of the book A defect in color

A historiographical record by Ana Maria Gonçalves

Launched in 2006, the book "Um Defeito de Cor" is an indispensable classic of Brazilian Afrofeminist literature.
Rousseau book

more than lights

Partnership between Ubu and UnB, book compiles “political-literary mosaic” with texts by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Penance according to Guy Veloso

After completing a 17-year project, a photographer from Belém gathers records of the faith of penitents across the country in a book made available online

Cildo Meireles: the metamorphosis in the artist's work

The theme that emerges from the work of Cildo Meireles proves to be a good key to his trajectory