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Lives, a necessary torment

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the need for social isolation, the world as a whole has been forced to create communication strategies in the virtual, online universe, using various tools. Platforms...
"Chooser" (1925) by Vicente do Rego Monteiro. Photo: Aloisio Magalhães Museum of Modern Art.

Almeida and Dale Galeria launches series of lives to discuss off-axis art...

For three consecutive days, the conversations proposed on the gallery's social networks will bring Pernambuco's art scene to the spotlight; Vicente do Rego Monteiro, João Câmara and the Água Preta Art Plant will be the themes of the new series

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arte!brasileiros selects lives that will be held in the coming days by museums such as Masp and Pinacoteca, Mercosul Biennial and galleries such as Karla Osorio and Nara Roesler