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Carolina Maria de Jesus in 1960, in a photo for the magazine O Cruzeiro. Photos: Henri Ballot / O Cruzeiro Magazine

The words of Carolina de Jesus

Exhibition "Carolina Maria de Jesus: a Brazil for Brazilians" presents the possibilities of dialogue between literary art by black authors and exhibition spaces beyond a biographical perspective
Horizontal, color photo. In the center, the two volumes of CRITICAL PANDEMIA. The books are standing side by side and slightly diagonally. It has black covers, the spine reads the title in gray letters. In the background, a geometric black and white print, merely illustrative.

Immersion reports in a pandemic 'now'

With the global health crisis as the guiding thread, “Critical Pandemic”, a collection published by Edições Sesc SP and N-1, brings together texts by important contemporary thinkers
Psychiatrist, writer and anti-colonial activist Frantz Fanon

Frantz Fanon, the force of language

*By Eugênio Lima Reembarking in this Fanon world was very intense. I remembered things I had forgotten and little by little I was rebuilding everything, from my first reading, in 2014, until today. The first time...
Laura Vinci

Visual arts enter Flip

New project that seeks to insert the arts with more emphasis on the International Literary Festival of Paraty
Valter Hugo Mae

Valter Hugo Mãe: “In the generosity of words, and in the difficulty of the visual arts, I grew up”

The Portuguese writer speaks to ARTE!Brasileiros about his relationship with the visual arts and about his attentive look at issues of contemporary Brazil

2 books to read now

Check out two books to read now, selected by ARTE!Brasileiros for the "Unmissable" Series. Books to read now By Tatiana Marotta Clarice Lispector -All Tales Organized by Benjamin Moser, Rocco, 654 pages For the first time, all tales from...

Independent movement launches “Manifesto of Literature for Democracy”

The writer, literary critic, and translator of several titles - some present in the nominations of the "Unmissable" category, Julián Fuks, published on his social networks the "Manifesto of Literature for Democracy", written by him. The text...

literary highlights

Check out the literary highlights of the Unmissable Series. The titles go through fiction, philosophy, criticism and analysis of authoritarian aspects of the Brasilia project, the symbolic and visual confusion of São Paulo and the conquest...

Reading recommendations

  The Biography of Elizabeth I, short stories and fiction make up the reading recommendations for the Unmissable Series. Check out. Reading recommendations End of Story Lydia Davis, Translation by Julián Fuks, José Olympio, 210 pages A woman tries to write a book while...
reading tips

Reading Tips

By Vivian Mocellin Interpersonal relationships, love and despair, short stories, legends, anecdotes from Greco-Latin Antiquity and Revolutions. Check out the reading tips ARTE!Brasileiros. Spheres 1 – Bubbles Peter Sloterdijk, Translated by José Oscar de Almeida Marques....