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A dialogue between urban art and education

Based on artistic interventions, Instituto Choque Cultural’s Creative School project seeks strategies to restructure educational thinking and create spaces for dialogue between student and school in public education in São Paulo

Silvio Frota, director of the Fortaleza Photography Museum, says that education is the great...

For Frota, creator of the most important photography museum in the country, which remains without public funding, “culture has always been the ugly duckling, because it doesn't give votes”; the director also highlights the vast educational work carried out with needy populations and talks about regional inequalities in Brazil.

We will have to rethink the role of art, the structures and modes of...

Videobrasil director announces postponement of the next Sesc_Videobrasil Biennial due to the coronavirus and says it is impossible to plan any project in the face of a government that disrespects and eliminates culture; Farkas also talks about racism and inequality and says he distrusts when the market starts to value the production of oppressed groups

Long-term performance and the pandemic in each of us

"The performer, in addition to moving through time, puts himself in rituals that intend these limits often misunderstood by those who are outside the observation and, by irony of fate, very similar to what we are experiencing", writes the artist Marco Paulo rolla
Antônio Pitanga in Casa de Antiguidades, selected by the Cannes Film Festival

Antônio Pitanga returns to Cannes with a film that discusses racism

"Casa de Antiguidades" reflects a Brazil that is lost in time, with the face of the 70s, according to director João Paulo Miranda; still in Cannes, Steve McQueen is doubly selected for an anthology dedicated to black lives

a garden of codes

The duo Detanico Lain presents its second solo show at an institution in Brazil, at Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro, until April 21

Finlandization of education

Before the fall of the Wall, the expression “Finlandization” was commonly used to describe a dependent defense process against a very powerful and potentially invasive neighbor. During the cold war Finland...