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Federal deputy Celia Xakriaba celebrates the decision with elder Isabela Xokleng. Photo: Scarlett Rocha

Historic victory for indigenous peoples: STF overturns the insidious Temporal Framework thesis

The Federal Supreme Court (STF), on the afternoon of this Thursday, 21st, decided to refute, by majority, the Marco Temporal thesis as a criterion for the demarcation of indigenous lands. Nine ministers – Edson Fachin (rapporteur), Alexandre...
Representatives of forums, unions and artists' collectives, during a public hearing at the Legislative Assembly

MinC supports artists and reinforces that the Paulo Gustavo Law is for assistance and...

In a public hearing with dozens of artists, producers and culture managers on the afternoon of Wednesday, 20th, at the Legislative Assembly, in the capital of São Paulo, sector activists called for the immediate revocation of the...
Wifredo Lam

Jacques Leenhardt analyzes the work of Wifredo Lam

The French philosopher and critic is president of the Association of Friends of Wifredo Lam in Paris, a scholar of the Cuban artist's production

Poetry in transit

With an emphasis on collective and transdisciplinary practices, the 35th Bienal de São Paulo calls into question the Eurocentric view of art

At Galeria Estação, “Reversos e Transversos” seeks to dissolve the dichotomy between popular and erudite art

Curated by Ayrson Heráclito, the exhibition establishes parallels between popular artists segregated by the art system and established names, with whom they maintain approximations, in different biennials, over seven decades

To forget? Never! To remember? Ever!

In his book Sculpting Time, the Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-1986) reminded us that: "time constitutes a condition for the existence of our 'I'. It resembles a kind of culture medium that...
School of Communications and Arts (ECA). Photo: Marcos Santos/ USP Images

ECA visual arts students plan to start protests against USP from...

Due to a lack of professors, the Visual Arts course at the School of Communications and Arts (ECA) at the University of São Paulo canceled 11 subjects one week before the start of classes for the semester, due to the revocation...
Marta Minujín and Andy Warhol in the photoperformance "El paga de la deuda externa argentina con maíz, 'el oro latinoamericano'" (1985). Photo: Leonor Amarante

Marta Minujín live and in full color

The transforming dimension of art creates characters that stand out from the rest for their creative force and inexhaustible continuity. Marta Minujin: Live, on view from this Saturday (29/7) at Pinacoteca Luz, reaffirms this...

The modernist lady?

What led me to read the entire biographical novel by Luiza Lobo, Fábrica de Mentiras: do Vale do Café ao Arco do Triunfo , was my interest in Eufrásia Teixeira Leite. There is...
Work from the exhibition "Entre-tejidos", El Cercado. Photo: Disclosure

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