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Mario de Andrade House

Casa Mário de Andrade launches the Faces of a Contemporary Brazil project

With a free program of lectures and online courses, the project seeks to value Brazilian identity diversity and puts marginalized cultures in focus
Online Cinema: "What a day!" (2018), by Anissa Daoud, Aboozar Amini. Photo: Publicity Arab Women's Film Festival.

Online festivals bring female Arab cinema, music documentaries and LGBT+ shows

With films screened for free and online, exhibitions and festivals bring diverse and often unprecedented cinema to the circuit; check out
Dzi Croquettes: Benê Lacerda, 1974

The power of empathy

Images made by Madalena Schwartz of the 1970s São Paulo trans scene reveal the photographer's complicity with people in front of her camera
ARTISTS Assucena Assucena and Raquel Virgínia of the band As Bahias ea Cozinha Mineira

Different and diverse, now we are like this

Forget everything you've learned about male and female gender, gender identity, sexuality and behavior. If some time ago being born with female genitalia was enough to define a woman for a lifetime,...

Building and Deconstructing

In a world where many walls are built, some of bricks and others of prejudice, to avoid contact with those who are different, some are also being deconstructed.