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Geoneide Brandão, "Oil on the need to materialize the impossible", 2022. Photo: Gabi Lisboa

New talents, new ideas

The production of four artists lives a special moment in the search for space to show their works
José Cláudio, "Viva Zé Pereira", 1971

A tribute to José Claudio

Dozens of works by the painter, draughtsman, sculptor and essayist from Pernambuco were brought together under the curatorship of critic and art historian Aracy Amaral
Lenora de Barros FIRE NO OLHO, exhibited at the Pinacoteca

Lenora de Barros: Synthesis of a plural production

Curated by Pollyana Quintella, the exhibition focuses on works that discuss the relationship between body and language and runs until April 2023
Pedro Reyes, "Hypnopedia", present at Instituto Ling, at the 13th Mercosul Biennial. Photo: Thiele Elissa

Mercosul Biennial talks about trauma, dream and escape

The theme alludes to the times lived in the pandemic and to the desire to come together again, elements that emerge in part of the 100 works on display.
Xul Solar, Grafia antica, 1939. Modernism in Hispanic America

Modernism in Hispanic America

In Latin America, modernity arrived belatedly under the pressure of the new and with the desire to affirm a new aesthetic. In Europe the modern exalts the city, the phenomenon of solitude, almost like...
Aerial view of "Campo da fome", by Matheus Rocha Pitta.

Hunger and violence are themes of the new works from the Usina de Arte collection,...

"Landscape", by Regina Silveira, and "Um Campo da Fome", by Matheus Rocha Pitta, reflect the concern of different generations and trends with the country's social situation.

A daring project in the countryside of Pernambuco

Belojardim Residence, located in the city of the same name, houses "Corpos de Phonosophia", a project by Camila Sposati that unites two ancestral elements, clay and music.

Issue #57 contributors

See who are some of the contributors to issue #55 of arte!brasileiros
CKD - ​​Completely Knocked Down

“Completely Knocked Down”: Bremen and Recife in an experimental show

In a collaborative atmosphere, a group of artists chose their spaces and ways of exhibiting their works at MAMAM, in the capital of Pernambuco, deconstructing the traditional concept of curatorship.
View of the 3rd Bienal de São Paulo

Bienal de São Paulo: 70 years of successes and mistakes

Created in 1951, the main artistic event in the country and one of the most important in the world completes seven decades, overcoming the times of the dictatorship and holding remarkable events - some more, some less