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Centenary León Ferrari: memories about the artist

Important figures in the art world, Alex Flemming, Andrea Giunta, Leonor Amarante and Regina Silveira write about León, artist, colleague and friend

Leon Ferrari: 100 years of art

On September 3, 2020, the emblematic Argentine artist would have turned one hundred years old; Institutions from Europe and Latin America prepare programs specially dedicated to honor the Golden Lion winning artist

2013 | strong and universal

Remember the text written by Leonor Amarante on the occasion of the death of the Argentine artist León Ferrari, who would complete his centenary this year

2010 | Leon Ferrari, the turmoil of beauty

In the centenary of the Argentine artist, remember the profile written in 2010 by the historian and curator Andrea Giunta

2015 | The lion called Ferrari

In the centenary of the Argentine artist, remember the text about "León Ferrari: Between Dictatorships", exhibition with almost 100 works from the MASP collection
Leon Ferrari. Untitled (1976). Photo: Disclosure.

In the year of its centenary, León Ferrari wins a retrospective at Galeria Nara Roesler

Virtual exhibition focuses on the period of Ferrari's production in his exile in São Paulo; exhibition curated by Luis Peréz-Oramas brings the breadth of the Argentine artist's work without neglecting emblematic works

León Ferrari centenary celebrations begin in Berlin

Sculptures, lithographs and drawings by one of the world's most acclaimed Argentine artists will be featured at the KOW Galerie through February 2020

The highlights of art in Brazil in 2018

We have selected some of the most interesting events in the national art scene this year that ends

Agenda: Check out the highlights from May 26 to June 1

Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel presents a solo show by Jac Leirner, Gilberto Salvador is inspired by Garcia Lorca at Emmathomas and last week to see Antonio Dias, Geraldo de Barros and Rubens Gerchman at Sesc Pinheiros

Watch excerpts from the León Ferrari Conference: Cult Value and Exhibition Value

The artist died at the age of 93, in 2013. Since last year, several actions have taken up the collection and memory of León Ferrari