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female task force

In just two and a half months, Margareth Menezes changed the paradigms of administrative composition in the culture of the State; at MinC, women are not just the majority, they decide
Indigenous curator Sandra Benites, now head of Funarte's visual arts department. Photo: Rodrigo Avelar

The refoundation of culture

When at the beginning of last February, employees of the National Museum received Leandro Grass, who had just been sworn in as president of the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN), there was tension in the air, like...
Marcio Tavares, future executive secretary of the Ministry of Culture. Photo: Reproduction/Official page of the Workers' Party (PT)

EXCLUSIVE: Ministry of Culture comes with new secretariats and fine-tooth comb in the Bolsonaro administration

Since his name was confirmed in office for the future Ministry of Culture, historian Marcio Tavares has been on the field with a double task to interrupt the paralysis of the Bolsonaro government: administrative and political.
Color image, horizontal. Photograph of the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, one of the museums affected by the measures of the Federal government

Largest Brazilian museums are being asphyxiated by Bolsonaro

With the shelving of the annual plans of institutions and with aggressive changes to the Rouanet Law, the federal government lashes out at renowned museums

Paralysis of the Secretary of Culture must have tragic result for the cultural sector of...

For the lawyer, a specialist in cultural policies, obstacles to the operation of the incentive law must break institutions and cultural agents; In this context, Olivieri celebrates the implementation of the Aldir Blanc Law and its innovative model for the country

Juca Ferreira: Bolsonaro “decided to declare war on art and culture”

Former minister says that Brazil is heading towards the end of the State's contribution to cultural development and that the "situation points to censorship and persecution"