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Representatives of forums, unions and artists' collectives, during a public hearing at the Legislative Assembly

MinC supports artists and reinforces that the Paulo Gustavo Law is for assistance and...

In a public hearing with dozens of artists, producers and culture managers on the afternoon of Wednesday, 20th, at the Legislative Assembly, in the capital of São Paulo, sector activists called for the immediate revocation of the...
Cover of the book "Cultural Emergencies: Institutions, Creators and Communities in Brazil and Mexico" (Edusp), edited by Néstor García Canclini

Urgent agendas

Recently released by Edusp, 'Cultural Emergencies' investigates the changes in relations between cultural institutions, public policies and artists accelerated by the pandemic
"Fight", by Rubens Gerchman, at the Vladimir Herzog Institute. Photo: Reproduction.

New government attack on culture hits the economy itself

Studies demonstrate the direct relationship between investment and job creation in the creative sectors

Paralysis of the Secretary of Culture must have tragic result for the cultural sector of...

For the lawyer, a specialist in cultural policies, obstacles to the operation of the incentive law must break institutions and cultural agents; In this context, Olivieri celebrates the implementation of the Aldir Blanc Law and its innovative model for the country

Cultural agents from Campinas form a collaborative network and promote a virtual event

Free Circuit of Independent Art (CLAI) of Campinas brings together 17 independent spaces and initiatives related to the visual arts and holds its first collective program between April 17th and 29th

Instituto de Arte Contemporânea de Ouro Preto has applications open for artistic residency

Until February 13th, the Instituto de Arte Contemporânea de Ouro Preto (ia) has open enrollment for the first edition of the Emergency Artistic Residency Program - iai. The experience of six...