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Festival Arte Serrinha: Auditorium of the Natural Park, which houses the shows of the program/Photo: Flavio Nogueira

Festival Arte Serrinha reaches its 20th edition

The event, which takes place until the 30/7, in Bragança Paulista (SP), returns to being in person and expands its programming to the Centro Cultural Teatro Carlos Gomes, with an exhibition until 28/8, and to its new Natural Park, mixing visual arts, music, film and workshops

Laura Vinci translates transience, an element dear to her production, in kinetic sculptures

Works are part of the exhibition Maquinamata, a new solo show that the artist from São Paulo presents until August 8, at the Rio branch of the Nara Roesler gallery.
Laura Vinci

Visual arts enter Flip

New project that seeks to insert the arts with more emphasis on the International Literary Festival of Paraty