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Bienal das Amazônias wants to shed new light on the symbolic production of the various territories...

For more than two decades, the Pará cultural producer Lívia Condurú has cherished the desire to create an Amazon Biennial, which will finally have its first edition this year, between 3/8 and 5/11,...
Fabio Schwarcwald

Fabio Szwarcwald talks about new projects and overcoming Mam Rio's financial crisis

Fabio Szwarcwald had barely taken over the direction of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (Mam Rio) when the coronavirus pandemic forced the museum to close its doors and employees to...

“Compositions for insurgent times” and the poetics for different life dynamics

On display at MAM Rio, a collective exhibits works by artists who, from different cosmovisions and collective social articulations, think of art as a way out of life
Brennand Workshop. Photo: Fred Jordão / Publicity.

Oficina Brennand offers new cultural residencies

With two different proposals, one aimed at artists and the other at educators, the Recife museum's residency program is part of a larger program that celebrates its 50th anniversary.

With “Estado Bruto”, MAM Rio has the largest exhibition of sculptures ever assembled in its...

On display from May 6th, the show raises reflections on the construction, conservation and sharing of heritage, with works by Amilcar de Castro, Rodin, Cildo Meireles, Brancusi, Franz Weissman, Lina Kim, Lygia Clark, Márcia X, Mestre Didi, Nelson Leirner, Nuno Ramos and Tunga, among others

Mam Rio announces Beatriz Lemos as new assistant curator

Selected from an open call, Lemos joins the team that has Keyna Eleison and Pablo Lafuente as new artistic directors.
Keyna Eleison and Pablo Lafuente, curators of MAM Rio, in front of the museum

“Unverticalize” the museum

Keyna Eleison and Pablo Lafuente assume the artistic direction of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio and, in pairs, defend for the institution a logic marked by diversity and negotiation
The facade of MAM Rio

MAM Rio reopens after 5 months closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic

The new coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a major change in exhibition dynamics worldwide. Museums, galleries and art fairs invested in digital and suspended physical activity for months. It was the...

MAM Rio announces Keyna Eleison and Pablo Lafuente as new artistic directors

The duo, who take office at the institution after a selection process with more than 100 candidacies, proposes a more organic, diverse museum focused on culture and education.