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Júlio Villani during the creation of "Paraíso", which he presents at Capela do Morumbi. Photo: Disclosure

Júlio Villani takes his 'embroidered backyard' to the Morumbi Chapel

Just over a month after opening the Museu de Tudo exhibition, at Casa de Vidro, Júlio Villani presents the public with yet another of his creations. Starting this Saturday (14/10), Villani...

The sensitive form

Established in Paris since the 1980s, Julio Villani will debut his new site "D'ICI, DE LÀ" and opens solo exhibition at Chelsea in New York
Horizontal, color photo. Julio Villani wears a white shirt and a gray coat. He is in his studio, surrounded by some works and a parrot.

the sensitive shape

Established in Paris since the 1980s, Julio Villani debuts website and opens solo exhibition at Chelsea in New York
Lyz Parayzo, "Flag #2". Despite you, tomorrow will be another day.

Anthem against dictatorship inspires Brazilian exhibition in Paris

"Despite you, tomorrow will be another day" brings together around twenty national artists who are based in France; exhibition features critical works by Julio Villani that were mounted in May at the embassy and resonated in Brazil

The cry that comes from art

In isolation, artists systematically produce as a form of resistance to the virus and the president

The playful world of Julio Villani

Artist presented SOLO at ArtRio and won two important solo shows in São Paulo from June to August this year, a summary of the artist's thinking who is divided between the capital of São Paulo and Paris

Julio Villani presents two exhibitions in São Paulo

While "Por um Fio" brings together sculptures at Galeria Estação, "Alinhavai" presents paintings, drawings, embroidery, objects and collages at Galeria Raquel Arnaud

Julio Villani participates in a press conference at the Abbey of Thoronet

The artist occupies one of the spaces of the 12th century building in an exhibition organized by the Palais de Tokyo