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Marta Minujín and Andy Warhol in the photoperformance "El paga de la deuda externa argentina con maíz, 'el oro latinoamericano'" (1985). Photo: Leonor Amarante

Marta Minujín live and in full color

The transforming dimension of art creates characters that stand out from the rest for their creative force and inexhaustible continuity. Marta Minujin: Live, on view from this Saturday (29/7) at Pinacoteca Luz, reaffirms this...
Regina Parra, "Deserto-pano de cena" (2022-2023), work from the exhibition "Pagã", at Pina Estacão. Photo: Christina Ruffato

Regina Parra mixes visual and scenic arts in an exhibition that alludes to Clarice Lispector...

On display on the second floor of Pina Estação, the exhibition Pagã, by Regina Parra, is as multi-referential as the artist herself, who, from 2000 to 2003, was assistant director to Antunes Filho (1929-2019), a...
adriana varejao

Adriana Varejão’s exhibition at the Pinacoteca brings together works produced from the 1980s to today

Presenting a broad panorama of the career of Adriana Varejão, one of the most outstanding Brazilian artists of the last decades, the exhibition Suturas, Fissures, Ruínas occupies a vast space in the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo until...

Cultural management in Brazil in times of pandemic and attack on culture

During the first three months of the period of social isolation in the country, the arte!brasileiros interviewed five managers of important cultural institutions to find out how they are dealing with the moment and what it is possible to plan for the future; read the main excerpts from conversations with Danilo Miranda, Eduardo Saron, Jochen Volz, Ricardo Ohtake and Solange Farkas
Jochen Volz interview about quarantine and art in the period of coronavirus

“This is not the time to romanticize anything”, says Jochen Volz about artistic production at...

For the director of the Pinacoteca, despite the fact that art resists the worst moments, the current context with the coronavirus pandemic is worrying; Volz also talks about the museum's digital performance, criticizes the federal government and says that culture can be a source of inspiration at this time of crisis

Eduardo Saron, Fabio Szwarcwald and Jochen Volz discuss cultural management today

Directors of Itaú Cultural, EAV Parque Lage and Pinacoteca de São Paulo participated in the seminar held by ARTE!Brasileiros and by Itaú Cultural and talked about the search for a participatory public in cultural institutions

ARTE!Brasileiros and Itaú Cultural hold a seminar on cultural management

"Cultural Management: Contemporary Challenges" takes place on October 21 with the participation of Eduardo Saron, Fabio Szwarcwald, Jochen Volz, Gabriela Noujaim, Jonathas de Andrade, Ana Carla Fonseca and Kátia de Marco

Far Beyond Art

Choice of Indonesian collective ruangrupa for artistic direction of Documenta reinforces the trend of proposals that goes beyond spaces such as museums and galleries

far beyond art

The choice of a collective from Indonesia ruangrupa for the artistic direction of Documenta reinforces the trend of proposals that go beyond conventional spaces such as museums and galleries

Hilma af Klint: An artist ahead of her time

Science, religion and art integrate the cosmogony of Hilma af Klint, in her first exhibition at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo