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Marta Minujín and Andy Warhol in the photoperformance "El paga de la deuda externa argentina con maíz, 'el oro latinoamericano'" (1985). Photo: Leonor Amarante

Marta Minujín live and in full color

The transforming dimension of art creates characters that stand out from the rest for their creative force and inexhaustible continuity. Marta Minujin: Live, on view from this Saturday (29/7) at Pinacoteca Luz, reaffirms this...

My name is Ivald Granato Eu Sou - Sesc Belenzinho

Watch here a video with an interview with Daniel Rangel, curator of the show

Ivald Granato: the furor of a performer

Three years after the artist's death, a retrospective with 500 works gives the dimension of this volcano that does not deactivate