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Rehearsals for the Museum of Origins

Places of Memory and resistance

Double exhibition revisits Mario Pedrosa's project to rebuild MAM Rio and articulates a network of cultural rescue and preservation strategies developed by 20 institutions spread across different regions of the country

Recently launched, Projeto Lorenzato has already cataloged around 300 works by the painter from Minas Gerais

The Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato Project was launched last month, which seeks to identify and catalog the works of the artist from Minas Gerais on a digital, continuous and open platform. With the support of Itaú Cultural, the initiative started from the...
In the foreground, the work "Manto de Presentation" in the exhibition "Bispo do Rosário Aparição, Impregnation and Impact", at Itaú Cultural. Photo: André Seiti

Bishop's work and his lineages

Exhibition on display at Itaú Cultural, in São Paulo, brings a broad cut of the work of Arthur Bispo do Rosário and illuminates his connections with contemporary Brazilian art

“Tunga: Magnetic Conjunctions” celebrates a work that remains

Artists' writings became ubiquitous structures in the international art circuit around the 1960s, when new narratives gained space and deepened the nature of the exercise of criticism. This attitude represented a...
Horizontal, color photo. In the middle of the BEATRIZ MILHAZES - AVENIDA PAULISTA exhibition, two dancers dance. He wears a white shirt and black pants. She wears a red long-sleeved dress. Both are barefoot. The performance is part of the PAULISTA CULTURAL program.

Paulista Cultural has its first online edition

With actions focused on visual arts, theater, music, dance, literature, comics and photography, Paulista Cultural brings together seven large institutions located on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo, for a wide digital programming...
Rain is singing in the village of the dead

Luso-Brazilian film unites poetic approach and documentary care in the history of the Krahô tribe

"Rain is Singing in the Village of the Dead" is part of the Mostra Brasil Cinema Agora! promoted by Itaú Cultural on its website until August 1st; The films Arabia, Azougue Nazaré, and Inferninho are also available for free

Cultural management in Brazil in times of pandemic and attack on culture

During the first three months of the period of social isolation in the country, the arte!brasileiros interviewed five managers of important cultural institutions to find out how they are dealing with the moment and what it is possible to plan for the future; read the main excerpts from conversations with Danilo Miranda, Eduardo Saron, Jochen Volz, Ricardo Ohtake and Solange Farkas
Art at stake: the challenges of the virtual

Art at stake: the challenges of the virtual

By making it impossible to visit the exhibition spaces, the quarantine made it mandatory to search for alternative solutions for fruition.
Vladimir Herzog

Life and work of Vladimir Herzog are honored

After two years of research and organization, a virtual platform created by the Vladimir Herzog Institute with the support of Itaú Cultural brings together more than a thousand items from Vlado's personal and professional life to celebrate the journalist

Art in quarantine: check out what's new among the institutions' virtual initiatives

While their physical spaces are closed, cultural institutions such as MASP, Paço das Artes and Itaú Cultural continue to launch projects to connect with the public in the virtual environment.