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Under restoration: women artists, the forgotten part of Italian art history

Where are the women? This was the question posed by Advancing Women Artists (AWA) to museum spaces and visitors to tourist museums in Florence over the last 14 years. The American philanthropic organization...

Picture Diaries: Covid-19

During isolation, photographers show their daily lives through imagery records, and in Italy, Andrea Frazzeta profiles health workers on the front of the fight against Covid-19

Agenda of the art world in the pandemic

How the Coronavirus has affected the art world and the reactions of some cultural institutions to the crisis
Maramotti Collection

An off-system collection

Collection initiated by founder of the Max Mara brand displays a personal vision of contemporary production, without concessions to the art circuit

Artist responsible for the Ibirapuera Obelisk would be 120 years old today

Galileo Emendabili was born in Italy during the monarchy, but it was in Brazil that he gained prominence by winning numerous contests. Among his contributions to the city are the Obelisk Mausoleum to the Constitutionalist Soldier of 1932 and the sculpture “Allegory of Painting”, in the monument to Ramos de Azevedo.