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Art and Artificial Intelligence: before embracing or rejecting it, maybe we should invest in education...

Since our entry into the XNUMXst century, we have followed the rapid pace of technology that dominates our daily lives. Between those who only see negative points and others who applaud it effusively, there is an ocean to...
discussion I (variation), Ilê Sartuzi

a false turn

With works “in which it seems that the beginning never begins; or even that the beginning is the middle and the end”, Individual by Ilê Sartuzi traces the dramaturgical occupation of Auroras, where it runs until October 2

Giselle Beiguelman and Ilê Sartuzi: far beyond the story of a big house

In “Nhonhô”, a work presented on Videobrasil Online, Giselle Beiguelman and Ilê Sartuzi use technological resources and start from the history of a São Paulo mansion to discuss the permanence of colonialism, elitisms and foreignisms in Brazil
AI and art Ai-Da Robot

Will robots be the artists of the future?

Art made by Artificial Intelligence generates reflections on the nature of creativity, the importance of experience in creation and the ethical barriers of technological development
Images enter the mapping from specific Instagram hashtags

Dissident calendar, graphic document of Brazilian politics

Didiana Prata works with images of the flow of networks that are cataloged and archived from the analysis of hashtags