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Rehearsals for the Museum of Origins

Places of Memory and resistance

Double exhibition revisits Mario Pedrosa's project to rebuild MAM Rio and articulates a network of cultural rescue and preservation strategies developed by 20 institutions spread across different regions of the country

“Anna Maria Maiolino – psssiiiuuu…” brings together around 300 works by the artist at the Instituto...

Psssssss... The onomatopoeia - which can be a whistle, a call, a flirtation, a request for silence, a secret, or a sign - gives name to the new solo show by Anna Maria Maiolino, on display at Instituto Tomie Ohtake, in...

“Tunga: Magnetic Conjunctions” celebrates a work that remains

Artists' writings became ubiquitous structures in the international art circuit around the 1960s, when new narratives gained space and deepened the nature of the exercise of criticism. This attitude represented a...
"Blue boatman in Manaus", 1992. Photo: Luiz Braga. Courtesy Instituto Tomie Ohtake.

Idea, reflection and image in Luiz Braga

Exhibition at Instituto Tomie Ohtake, curated by Paulo Miyada and Priscyla Gomes, brings together for the first time a set of color portraits made by Luiz Braga from Belém in the last four decades
"Corners Corners", Maxwell Alexandre, 2019. Photo: Gabi Carrera.

“Pardo é Papel” or the epic grandeur of a people in formation

Presented at Tomie Ohtake Institute after passing through Lyon, Porto Alegre and Rio, Maxwell Alexandre's show portrays black people in everyday situations with a grandiose, consecrating and historic character

Maxwell Alexandre: 'Pardo is Paper' or the epic grandeur of a people in formation

Presented at Instituto Tomie Ohtake after visiting Lyon, Porto Alegre and Rio, Maxwell Alexandre's show portrays with a grandiose, consecrating and historical character black people in everyday situations 
Performer Emilie Sugai is in the center of the photo, blindfolding herself with a red sash. The lighting of the image is all red, contextualizing one of the moments of the AKA show

Butoh dance show takes Tomie Ohtake's work to the stage (digital)

Abstract art by Tomie Ohtake takes new form in AKA. Conceived by the performer Emilie Sugai and the director Lee Taylor, the show proposes an interdisciplinary dialogue between the visual and performing arts...

For the president of Japan House, the institution exists because the Japanese government realizes the value of...

Eric Klug, who assumed the presidency of the cultural institution in the midst of the pandemic, speaks to arte!brasileiros about the possibilities of expanding activities in the virtual environment and affirms that the work of JHSP helps to demystify certain stereotypes about Japan and the Orient

EDP ​​nas Artes Award announces selected artists in its 7th edition

A partnership between the EDP and Tomie Ohtake institutes, the award selected ten young people up to 29 years old, with the aim of stimulating contemporary artistic production

Cultural management in Brazil in times of pandemic and attack on culture

During the first three months of the period of social isolation in the country, the arte!brasileiros interviewed five managers of important cultural institutions to find out how they are dealing with the moment and what it is possible to plan for the future; read the main excerpts from conversations with Danilo Miranda, Eduardo Saron, Jochen Volz, Ricardo Ohtake and Solange Farkas