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Excerpt from the video "The Clopen Door", which composes the work "Open Night" by Thiago Rocha Pitta, exhibited at MAM Rio

Between real and metaphorical fires

The work “Open Night”, by Thiago Rocha Pitta, opens the Interventions Program at MAM Rio and honors the National Museum on the two-year anniversary of the fire that devastated Rio’s space
UFMG fire

Fire affects an important part of the UFMG Natural History Museum

Affected section housed the institution's technical reserve; According to the museum's director, UFMG researchers and scientists are already committed to recovering the collection
Rovena Rosa/Agência Brasil_02/05/2018

Blaming victims as an escape route

Post-doctoral journalist at the Graduate Program in Planning and Territorial Management at the Federal University of ABC-UFABC and PhD in Public Health at USP, CIlene VIctor reflects on the tragedy of Paissandu