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Gilberto Gil at the III Popular Music Festival - São Paulo, SP, 1967 Credit: Walter Firmo / Instituto Moreira Salles Collection

Eyewitness: IMS launches website dedicated to photojournalism

Portal presents the production and career of photographers from different generations and regions of the country
View of the exhibition “In the verb of Silence, the Synthesis of Scream”, at IMS Paulista. Photo: Helio Campos Mello.

Walter Firmo: An apology for the image

The Moreira Salles Institute of São Paulo presents the exhibition "In the verb of Silence the Síntese do Grito" by the carioca photographer Walter Firmo
Gaudêncio da Conceição during the Feast of Saint Benedict, Conceição da Barra, ES, c. 1989. Credit: Walter Firmo/IMS Collection.

Walter Firmo has a retrospective at IMS Paulista

Images by the photographer from Rio de Janeiro extol the black population and culture in the country; exhibition occupies two floors of Instituto Moreira Salles
For a breath of fury and hope – an emergency declaration

The radicality in the scenography of the shows

Exhibitions such as "For a breath of fury and hope", at MuBE, point out how important it is to create environments that enhance works on display
Carolina Maria de Jesus in 1960, in a photo for the magazine O Cruzeiro. Photos: Henri Ballot / O Cruzeiro Magazine

The words of Carolina de Jesus

Exhibition "Carolina Maria de Jesus: a Brazil for Brazilians" presents the possibilities of dialogue between literary art by black authors and exhibition spaces beyond a biographical perspective
Dzi Croquettes: Benê Lacerda, 1974

The power of empathy

Images made by Madalena Schwartz of the 1970s São Paulo trans scene reveal the photographer's complicity with people in front of her camera

Miguel Rio Branco, wealth in contradiction and the denunciation of inequalities under steroids

In an unorthodox retrospective, more than 200 works from the 50 years of Rio Branco's career are reviewed at IMS Paulista with emphasis on his contribution to photography; arte!brasileiros talked about the show with the artist and curator Thyago Nogueira, check

Politics, culture and the museum scene in the country

Curator João Fernandes, artistic director of Instituto Moreira Salles (IMS), and museologist Marcelo Araujo, director general of the institution, talk about the work of the IMS in the context of the pandemic and about the policy for museums in Brazil

Working with memory is working with the present

The Portuguese curator João Fernandes, the new artistic director of the Instituto Moreira Salles, intends to work with the institution’s collections to reflect the current moment.

Working with memory is working with present

Portuguese curator João Fernandes, new artistic director of the Moreira Salles Institute – ims, wants to work with the institution's collections to reflect the current times