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Standing, in the center, wearing a headdress, Mapukayaka Yawalapiti. Seated, from left to right, Sariruá Yawalapiti and Orlando Villas-Bôas. ç. 1955. Photo: Henri Ballot / Instituto Moreira Salles Collection/Henri Ballot Archive

Image dialogue

On display at IMS Paulista, “Xingu: Contactos” contrasts historical documentaries and contemporary records made by the indigenous people themselves
Remains of an observatory and a church, the result of the demolition of Morro do Castelo, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (1922), in "Moderna pelo verso". Photo: Augusto Malta/Moreira Salles Institute Collection/Gilberto Ferrez Collection

With records from 1890 to 1930, an exhibition at IMS Paulista reveals contradictions of reforms...

Photographs of the emergence of cities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were associated with an idea of ​​progress and modernity. Images that showed destruction of hovels, enlargement of...
View of the exhibition “In the verb of Silence, the Synthesis of Scream”, at IMS Paulista. Photo: Helio Campos Mello.

Walter Firmo: An apology for the image

The Moreira Salles Institute of São Paulo presents the exhibition "In the verb of Silence the Síntese do Grito" by the carioca photographer Walter Firmo
Gaudêncio da Conceição during the Feast of Saint Benedict, Conceição da Barra, ES, c. 1989. Credit: Walter Firmo/IMS Collection.

Walter Firmo has a retrospective at IMS Paulista

Images by the photographer from Rio de Janeiro extol the black population and culture in the country; exhibition occupies two floors of Instituto Moreira Salles
Tokyo, c. 1971. ©Daido Moriyama/Daido Moriyama Photo Foundation.

Daido Moriyama: a retrospective

Around 250 works by influential Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama occupy two floors of Instituto Moreira Salles, in São Paulo.

Miguel Rio Branco, wealth in contradiction and the denunciation of inequalities under steroids

In an unorthodox retrospective, more than 200 works from the 50 years of Rio Branco's career are reviewed at IMS Paulista with emphasis on his contribution to photography; arte!brasileiros talked about the show with the artist and curator Thyago Nogueira, check

Three artistic selections to enjoy Carnival

ARTE!Brasileiros brings together artistic projects packed in the carnival atmosphere for you to check out!

The highlights of art in Brazil in 2018

We have selected some of the most interesting events in the national art scene this year that ends

Records of a country in conflict

The show that was at IMS until July 2018, Conflicts: Photography and Political Violence in Brazil 1889-1964, is a class in photography, politics and history. Peremptorily denying the officialist thesis that...

one plate only

Exhibition by Chichico Alkmim at the IMS in São Paulo enchants for the quality of the work and the curatorship and for showing the contrast between the portraits – beautiful, solemn and meticulous – and our abused selfies