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Ibram targets social participation

Educator Fernanda Santana Rabello de Castro, a career civil servant, was chosen to manage the 24 institutions of the federal museum system in the country
Indigenous curator Sandra Benites, now head of Funarte's visual arts department. Photo: Rodrigo Avelar

The refoundation of culture

When at the beginning of last February, employees of the National Museum received Leandro Grass, who had just been sworn in as president of the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN), there was tension in the air, like...
Lithograph of the view of S. Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro, taken from Ilha das Cobras, Germany, 19th C. XNUMX. Credit: Foundation

Brazil wins Red List (red list) that helps to identify cultural objects at risk...

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) launched the Red List Brazil, a bilingual document, in Portuguese and English, which lists the types of cultural objects most vulnerable to international trafficking. The presentation...
Marcio Tavares, future executive secretary of the Ministry of Culture. Photo: Reproduction/Official page of the Workers' Party (PT)

EXCLUSIVE: Ministry of Culture comes with new secretariats and fine-tooth comb in the Bolsonaro administration

Since his name was confirmed in office for the future Ministry of Culture, historian Marcio Tavares has been on the field with a double task to interrupt the paralysis of the Bolsonaro government: administrative and political.

Extremist Crusade: How Cultural Denialism Works in Museums

In actions by Ibram and Iphan, bolsonarismo invests against the most important Afro-religious collection in the country, under the custody of the Museum of the Republic, in Rio, and threatens to disrupt the entire National Museum System

National Museum Week seeks to reimagine the future of Brazilian institutions

With the theme "The future of museums: recovering and reimagining", the event brings extensive virtual programming, involving the entire country, and seeks to dialogue with technological advances to understand how they affect our way of being and being in the world.

2018 should define Inhotim's destiny

In a year beyond difficult in the visual arts scene, marked by censorship and idiotizing protests, 2017 ended with bad news: the fall of patron Bernardo Paz, generating uncertainty in the future...