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Murals and street art from São Paulo are brought together in a virtual museum

More than 70 murals are part of the São Paulo Street Art Museum (MAR). Scattered across the city and separated by miles of distance, they can now be seen all at once, in...

Block of Culture defends the area as the central axis of development of the country

A arte!brasileiros spoke with Alê Youssef, one of the founders of the movement, about the attacks on culture by the federal government and the importance of the arts in the current Brazilian scenario

Hugo Possolo assumes direction of the Municipal Theater of São Paulo

Playwright and clown, founder of Parlapatões joins the team selected by the new Secretary of Culture, Alê Youssef, which includes names such as Josélia Aguiar, Laís Bodansky, Erika Palomino and Pedro Granato