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Rosaria Schifani at her husband's funeral, 1993. Credit: Letizia Battaglia.

Thinking of Letizia Battaglia

Within a month of the death of the Italian photographer, journalist Simonetta Persichetti writes about the life and work of Battaglia
The photographer Letizia Battaglia. Credit: Shobha/IMS Disclosure

Letizia Battaglia, Italy's first photojournalist, dies

His career was marked by courageous work against the mafia; Battaglia also participated in political life and was editor of publications

Paulo Mendes da Rocha: Brazil's last great modern architect

After his death, the arte!brasileiros recalls an interview given by Paulo Mendes da Rocha in 2016, in which the architect made it clear that, more than a specialist, the architect must be a thinker of the world, attentive to human needs and desires 
Guy Brett at Sesc Pompeia, in São Paulo, a work designed by architect Lina Bo Bardi. Photo: Alexia Tala.

Guy Brett: an extraordinary “ordinary” life

About a month after the death of the British critic and curator Guy Brett, Chilean curator Alexia Tala writes about the personality and thought of one of the most important figures for the diffusion of Latin American art, especially Brazilian art, in European lands.
Abraham Palatnik

Kinetic art pioneer Abraham Palatnik dies at 92

Artist renowned for his works that merged movement, time and light died this Saturday, in Rio, as a result of Covid-19; remember the text published about Palatnik in arte!brasileiros