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To breathe freedom, 70 years of the declaration of human rights

Conceived by SESC_SP and the Vladimir Herzog Institute, the exhibition by the artist Otávio Roth (1952-1993) is a rain of resistance in the storm that devastates us

The Serpent's Egg and the Rise of the Far Right

The intolerance that plagues Brazil has its roots in the “green chickens”, as the followers of Plínio Salgado were called.
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By Vivian Mocellin Interpersonal relationships, love and despair, short stories, legends, anecdotes from Greco-Latin Antiquity and Revolutions. Check out the reading tips ARTE!Brasileiros. Spheres 1 – Bubbles Peter Sloterdijk, Translated by José Oscar de Almeida Marques....

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The Unmissable Series is back with reading indications that go through the fields of philosophy and history. Reading indications By Ligia Braslauskas The World as Truth and as Representation – Volume II Artur Shopenhauer, Translation by...

May 1968 and photography in Latin America

Colombian historian and curator Rodrigo Orrantia participates in a debate at SP-Arte/Foto

1961, the year that parliamentarism in Brazil

Regime imposed by the military to limit the powers of President João Goulart lasted just 17 months and has already been rejected in two plebiscites.
In New York, Owens had to use a service elevator to reach the reception in his honor.

Jesse Owens and White Supremacy

American sprinter who overturned the Aryan superiority thesis defended by Hitler was discriminated against at home
Strikers in front of Crespi, the first factory to stop in 1917 (Photo: reproduction)

Even children folded their arms in the 1917 general strike

They worked in factories and, like women, earned even less than men. 100 years ago everyone stopped, fighting for their rights
The first party in the advertising of the perfume launcher (Photo- Reproduction)

Double dose carnival

The death of the Barão do Rio Branco provoked mourning in Rio de Janeiro, but also two revelries in 1912 – one in February, the other in April.