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Detail of a work by Minas Gerais artist Sonia Gomes, present at the 35th São Paulo Biennial. Photo: Eduardo Simões

Dear Patricia or… This is what art is

In this article, Tadeu Chiarelli uses a document from the French poet Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867), who frequently wrote his criticisms as letters to the editor.
Marta Minujín and Andy Warhol in the photoperformance "El paga de la deuda externa argentina con maíz, 'el oro latinoamericano'" (1985). Photo: Leonor Amarante

Marta Minujín live and in full color

The transforming dimension of art creates characters that stand out from the rest for their creative force and inexhaustible continuity. Marta Minujin: Live, on view from this Saturday (29/7) at Pinacoteca Luz, reaffirms this...

Casa de Vidro receives artistic project 'The Square'

Until this Saturday (3/6), Casa de Vidro will host the third edition of The Square, an artistic project by the Italian brand Bottega Veneta, which visited Dubai and Tokyo. The initiative – whose objective is to...

'The decolonial turn in Brazilian art': Considerations to stir up the debate

The reading of The decolonial turn in Brazilian art (Editora Mireveja), by Alessandra Simões Paiva – brought up several questions that, although they concern the culture and art produced in Brazil, are of a...
Exterior area of ​​MAM SP recreated in Minecraft. Photo: Leonardo Sang / Publicity.

MAM-SP launches educational project in Minecraft game

An initiative by the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art combines art, education and games, with reproductions of its space and works from the collection, and offers unique experiences to players

MASP opens virtual exhibition by Hélio Oiticica

With its physical occurrence postponed, MASP brings part of the exhibition to the web along with a guided tour

MASP Escola launches new courses for the month of June

In a virtual environment, the museum proposes debates on women in art, racism, architecture and Brazilian art; MASP's educational project aims to continue to disseminate the institution's collection even in isolation

Pinacoteca reviews and updates Beuys and Oiticica

Exhibition "Somos muit+s: experiments on collectivity" brings 20th century artists who repositioned art in dialogue with current projects
Octagon of the São Paulo art gallery

Pinacoteca reviews and updates Beuys and Oiticica

Exhibition We are many: experiments on collectivity brings 20th century artists who repositioned art in dialogue with current projects

At EAV Parque Lage, Tom Burr presents an exhibition in which he strengthens ties with Oiticica

The exhibition originated during the artist's experience at the Auroras space, in São Paulo, where he also exhibited his works for the first time; two unpublished works, made especially for the edition in Parque Lage