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Meme by @newmemeseum. Courtesy of the creators.

inglorious bastards

Anonymous Instagram meme profiles - like @freeze_magazine, @jerrygogosian and @newmemeseum - risk shrewd criticism of the art world, its quirks and flirting with unsustainable business models
Facial analysis in process. Photo: Reproduction Instagram Ubu Editora.

The virus images of Giselle Beiguelman

Mateus Nunes writes to arte!brasileiros on "Image Policies: Surveillance and Resistance", new book by Giselle Beiguelman
Monuments: Statue of Borba Gato on fire. Image: reproduction of social networks.

Debate monuments: should we tear them down?

Fire at the Borba Gato statue, in São Paulo, reignites discussion about monuments, check out some points of this debate
Ditamapa home screen

“Ditamapa” points to the ghosts of authoritarianism

Project counts streets, viaducts and avenues named after authoritarian figures of the 1964 dictatorship; Through Google Street View images, Ditamapa allows to see the rubble of the Brazilian Miracle and the ruins of our present

Giselle Beiguelman and Ilê Sartuzi: far beyond the story of a big house

In “Nhonhô”, a work presented on Videobrasil Online, Giselle Beiguelman and Ilê Sartuzi use technological resources and start from the history of a São Paulo mansion to discuss the permanence of colonialism, elitisms and foreignisms in Brazil

Giselle Beiguelman against barbarism and indifference

Check out Tadeu Chiarelli's text about Beiguelman's installations at the City Museum

“Chacina da Luz” shows the failure of public space

Giselle Beiguelman reopens the debate around eight sculptures that were destroyed in the Jardim da Luz lake, in São Paulo