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Mapping the roles of subversion

In a curious paradox, the police files gathered by the State Department of the Political and Social Order of São Paulo (Deops) with the aim of repressing and persecuting any person, movement or party that...

Artist responsible for the Ibirapuera Obelisk would be 120 years old today

Galileo Emendabili was born in Italy during the monarchy, but it was in Brazil that he gained prominence by winning numerous contests. Among his contributions to the city are the Obelisk Mausoleum to the Constitutionalist Soldier of 1932 and the sculpture “Allegory of Painting”, in the monument to Ramos de Azevedo.
Cartoon by J. Carlos reflects Getúlio's strategy to ward off competitors – Photo- Reproduction

Banana peels and the Estado Novo

Under the pretext of a communist threat, Getúlio Vargas decreed an extreme right-wing nationalist regime inspired by fascism 80 years ago.