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View of the exhibition ALTURAS, by Alex Flemming, at Arte132 Galeria

Arte132 Galeria opens its doors in São Paulo with an exhibition by Alex Flemming

With a focus on Brazilian production, the gallery opens with an individual by Alex Flemming and seeks to establish itself as a multiple space dedicated to art
"Zeitnot" (2021).

Silk and iron: delicacy and strength at Verve Galeria

Latest exhibitions by the São Paulo gallery, solo exhibitions by Fran Chang and Gustavo Rezende, show the breadth of possible poetics in their curatorial discourse
"Lágrima", exhibition by Sonia Gomes at the Mendes Wood DM gallery. Photo: Reproduction of the gallery.

Mendes Wood DM opens exhibitions and prepares for new headquarters

Works by Sonia Gomes, Otobong Nkanga and Hariel Revignet mark the closing of the gallery at the address occupied for 11 years; heading to Barra Funda, a new space at Mendes Wood DM will be opened with exhibitions by Adriano Costa and Lucas Arruda

Galeria Gentil Carioca opens a branch in São Paulo

Aleta Valente, Ana Linnemann, Arjan Martins, Cabelo, Ernesto Neto, Jarbas Lopes, João Modé, José Bento, Laura Lima, Marcela Cantuária, Maria Laet, Maria Nepomuceno, Maxwell Alexandre, OPAVIVARÁ!, Renata Lucas, Rodrigo Torres and Vivian Caccuri. Those...
Work by Rosa Grizzo at Casa TATO I

TATO Gallery has a face-to-face exhibition and opens registration for its second training cycle

This month Galeria TATO opened its doors with its first in-person exhibition after months closed due to social isolation. The exhibition is the result of Casa Tato I, a training program run by...
New headquarters for Galeria Jaqueline Martins in Brussels, Belgium. Photo: Disclosure.

Galeria Jaqueline Martins opens branch in Belgium

With an initial exhibition by Hudinilson Jr, the gallery solidifies its internationalization plan and opens its headquarters in Brussels