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Exile as a starting point in the works of Pedro Figari, Júlio Martins da...

It was to the east of Eden, in the territory of Nod, that Cain was exiled after killing his brother Abel. He lost the abundance of paradise and had to create his refuge, building a new place that...
Work by Tatiana Blass exhibited in the solo show "Reviravolta", at Galeria Millan. Photo: Disclosure

Tatiana Blass: on the threshold of matter and emptiness

Art critic and curator Tadeu Chiarelli writes about Tatiana Blass's new exhibition, "Reviravolta", on display at Galeria Millan

Art market in 2021: far from the crisis

In the midst of an extremely troubled context with the pandemic, professionals in the Brazilian art market report a year of positive sales results, benefiting from both the expansion of the virtual and the recent resumption of the face-to-face.

Jaider Esbell and a presentation through genipapo

How can a tree be a shaman? This is one of the reflections that the artist and curator Jaider Esbell seeks to evoke in Presentation : Ruku. Bringing together about 60 works - including paintings, objects...

Hugo França and Thiago Rocha Pitta present exhibition in the USA

Exhibition at Marianne Boesky Gallery in Aspen highlights relationships with the environment
Fair Part

Contemporary Art Fair

Self-titled the "most interesting Art Fair in Brazil", Feira Parte reaches its 8th edition. The event opens its doors on 07/11, in São Paulo. About the Parte Pioneer Fair in the country in...

Agenda: Check out the highlights of the week August 11-17

Opening of the new Cultural Center of the Liceu de Artes e Ofícios de SP, Regina Silveira at MuBE and a collective at Carbono are some of the highlights

Agenda: Check out the highlights for the week of July 14-20

Russian Bauhaus at Sesc Pompeia, one hundred years of Durval Pereira at the Latin America Memorial and last days of Ex-Africa at CCBB-SP

Agenda: Check out the highlights from March 24th to 30th

Carbono Galeria turns five and celebrates with an exhibition of its collection, Instituto Tomie Ohtake opens exhibitions by Paulo Pasta and Cecily Brown, Thiago Rocha Pitta wins a solo show at Galeria Millan and Art Basel Hong Kong establishes itself as a beacon of the market in Asia