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"Our voltaic room" (2022), by Rebecca Sharp, to be shown at Frieze New York. Photo: Sara Way. Courtesy of Sé and the artist.

Frieze New York: check out the participating Brazilian galleries

Six national galleries participate in the 10th anniversary edition of one of the largest art fairs on the international circuit; see here which artists they will bring to the event
marília razuk

Amilcar de Castro, Eleonore Koch, Julio Plaza and Leonilson are featured at Galeria Marília Razuk

Exhibition divided into four modules, lasting about 20 days each, puts the work of emblematic artists into dialogue with that of contemporary names.
SP-Arte Fairs

Challenges, alternatives and solutions in virtual fairs: what do galleries think?

A week away from the SP-Arte Viewing Room, we talked about virtual initiatives, the future of art fairs and the need to stimulate artistic consumption with the galleries A Gentil Carioca, Almeida and Dale, Athena, Fortes D'Aloia and Gabriel, Kogan Amaro, Marilia Razuk, Murilo Castro and OÁ
Sculpture from the series "Chimeras". PHOTO: Disclosure

Claudio Cretti exhibits sculptures created with an unlikely mix of materials

Articulating popular and indigenous handicraft objects with pieces of musical instruments and industrialized items, the "Quimeras" series brings the artist closer to social and cultural issues without distancing him from formal and constructive concerns

Density and lightness mark Maria Laet's work

Galeria Marília Razuk shows part of the universe of the artist from Rio de Janeiro, who will also be present at the 33rd Bienal de São Paulo